Hello readers! My name is Kendra. I am a wife, a mama to two sweet little babes, and a twentysomething with some encouraging words of advice to other young women. I am living in the thick of it: new to marriage, new to motherhood, new to adult life in general. Entering the world of adulthood can be overwhelming at times and I wanted to create a place where other women could come and discover along with me the what’s, how’s, and what about that’s of independence. Be ready to explore topics such as Homemaking 101 or How to be a Confident Young Mother all wrapped in a perfectly Gilmore Girls-reference-laced bow. I’m silly, sweet, and a little sarcastic, but mostly I’m just trying to be the voice you might need to let you know “you can do this! and if you don’t know how then maybe these tips might work!” So, “You’re Welcome” in advance, for the awesome things I’m about to share with you (there’s the sarcasm I was talking about *wink wink*). You won’t want to miss a thing! Because honestly, I don’t have it all together, but I’m certainly having fun learning about some of it and thought you might enjoy leaning in.

Much Love,